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Issue 728 of AutoSpeed

More jobs in the home workshop

Stuff to do!

FuelSmart, Part 2

A revolutionary fuel saving device that works

Advice to Ignore

Disregarding common - but wrong - advice

Issue 727 of AutoSpeed

The Mercedes 540 K Streamliner

Gorgeous and slippery

Calculating gearing

Juggling numbers is now easy!

FuelSmart, Part 1

A revolutionary fuel-saving device that works

The Wright Flyer III

The most important aircraft ever?

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Aerodynamic testing techniques for near zero cost

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 2

A brand new approach to road car intercooling

The Fusion Intercooler

Want to build your own home workshop? Here's how to begin.

Building a Home Workshop, Part 1

Quick, easy and effective

Fitting a Short-Shift

Finding the best fuel for cars of the future - the real answers

Assessing the Alternatives

The correct ignition timing settings

Getting the Ignition Timing Right

Overcoming stripped threads

Easy thread repair

Is it time for a new direction in car modification?

Where to From Here?

A press so huge it can forge titanium beams over 5 metres long

The Wyman Gordon 50,000 ton forging press

Using a prebuilt DIY electronic module to flash high intensity LEDs

Bike LED Lighting Power!

The consequences

153 km/h in a 110 zone

The story of the wonderful BMW M1 - a purpose-built racer

M1 Magnificence

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